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Best Senior Discounts in Tennessee

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A group of seniors smiling while enjoying a meal together.

Navigating through the golden years of life comes with its own set of joys and challenges. And one of the perks of being a senior citizen is gaining access to a wide range of discounts designed to make life easier and more affordable. This means that seniors can spend more of their time pursuing the hobbies they love and enjoying every day how they see fit—without worrying about the financial side of things.

In Tennessee, seniors can often gain discounts for:

  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Fast food chains
  • Services

How Do Senior Discounts Work?

Senior discounts are special price reductions offered by select businesses throughout the country, all designed to make things more affordable for older adults. In Tennessee, these discounts are voluntary; businesses can choose to participate out of goodwill and the desire to support their community.

Sometimes, these discounts are just a small percentage of the bill. Other times, they may only apply to certain items. It’s important to note that these discounts can vary from one business to another—every business has its own restrictions and rules for how its senior discounts work.

Usually, the discount applies to any citizen over the age of 55. In some situations, a membership card to the AARP (American Association of Retired Peoples) may be required. Sometimes, businesses may simply apply the discount to any person they believe to be over the age of 55. 

Senior Discounts in Tennessee

In Tennessee, seniors can usually find discounts at the following locations. These rules can vary drastically between businesses, so if you’re unsure of whether or not a business you’re visiting offers senior discounts, make sure to ask. You never know if you don’t ask!

Grocery Stores

Several grocery stores in Tennessee offer senior discounts, making it easier to save on your weekly shopping trips.

The following stores offer senior discounts:

  • Publix: Some locations provide a 5% discount on Wednesdays for seniors aged 60+
  • Compare Foods: Offers a 10% discount every Wednesday for customers aged 60+
  • Fred Meyer: Provides a 10-15% discount on the first Tuesday of every month for customers aged 55+

Unfortunately, Kroger discounted their senior discount program in 2017, and their discounts are no longer offered.


Dining out can be a delightful experience—especially when you know where to find an excellent senior discount!

The following locations offer seniors discounts:

  • Applebee’s: Offers 10%-15% off your bill for seniors aged 60 and older at participating locations. This does not cover every restaurant; there is no company-wide policy, so your experience may vary.
  • IHOP: Provides a special senior menu with discounted prices for guests aged 55 and above. This can be used in combination with a military discount where applicable, though this can vary between locations.
  • Denny’s: Offers a special 55+ menu for seniors at most locations. Most Denny’s locations also have a designated “Senior Appreciation” day where customers aged 55+ can get 15% off most regular menu items. This day varies between locations.
  • Golden Corral: Offers a senior discount on their buffet for customers aged 60+.
A group of seniors celebrating an enjoyable meal together.

Retail Stores

Shopping for clothes, home goods, or electronics can be more affordable with these senior discounts. The following stores offer discounts to senior customers:

  • Kohl’s: Offers a 15% discount every Wednesday for seniors aged 60 and older.
  • Ross Stores: Provides a 10% discount every Tuesday for seniors aged 55+.
  • Walgreens: Offers a Senior Day discount once a month, providing 20% off eligible items for customers aged 55 and older.
  • Goodwill: Some locations offer up to 20% off every Monday for customers aged 55 and older.

Fast Food Chains

Even fast food chains get in on the action, offering savings for seniors on quick bites and beverages.

The following fast food chains offer discounts to senior customers:

  • McDonald’s: Offers discounts on coffee and other menu items for seniors aged 55 and above. This policy is not company-wide and is determined by each location, so your experience may vary.
  • Taco Bell: Some locations offer either 5% off the total meal price or a free drink with a purchase for guests aged 65+.
  • Burger King: Some locations offer 10% off an order, or offer a free drink, for customers aged 60 and older.

Enjoy Each & Every Day

In Tennessee, life for seniors is filled with opportunities to enjoy each and every day while saving financially. From groceries to dining to the little luxuries that make every day a little more enjoyable, there’s always something to make you smile

Here at The Village of Bellevue, we’re dedicated to helping our residents enjoy every moment. If you’re looking for a team that understands your needs and helps you make the most of every day, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Book a tour with us today, and let’s work together to make every moment matter!

Written by Angela Clark

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